Friday, 5 December 2014

Two Little Monkeys

As I've said before, I've had a whole tone of baby showers to attend and make cakes for in the recent months. The cakes are especially fun to make for the people I know personally and in this case, this cake was for the little sister of a high school friend of mine if you can believe, and what's more exciting, she's expecting twin girls! Her friends and family were planning a surprise shower for her and I was happy to help out with the cake department of things. My friend asked if I could make a cake with baby jungle animals and two baby carriages, pink icing on top, and any cake but chocolate cake... this is what I came up with and I have it on good authority that the party went very well and that the Mummy-to-Be was very pleased with her sweet treat.

All the pieces assembled, waiting to be houses on the pink cake of a pillow.

 I must admit that I had a brief moment of panic when I thought I had spelled "monkeys" wrong... 
Phew, got it right!

 "See ya later, Alligator"

 "Hungry hungry hippos"


 "...and tigers..."

 "...and elephants.... oh my?"

 "Joshua Giraffe" (Who's singing the Raffi sang now!?)

 "Look out! Zebra crossing!"

 "And of course, a little monkey"

So excited for you, Emily!

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