Thursday, 25 December 2014

Spirited Songs, Joyous Jellies, and Merry Moments

'Tis that time of year again; My favourite time of year. I know, "everyone says that" you may think to yourself but I mean it. I love entertaining, I love baking all day just to wrap everything up or put them in holiday tins and give them all away. I love going to all the Christmas church services, the music gets me every time. I put Christmas carols on (ancient stuff, nothing Bing Crosby sung although he's brilliant) and sing all the descants to them...alone in my house. I buy a real tree, every year. I go out to buy it, put it in my car, bring it in the house, and put it up myself. Don't worry, Patrick's not refusing to help I just enjoy it too much myself. I put my tree up only mid-month so I can make it last until at least the 6th of January. I maintain all the traditions no matter how much "extra work" they make for me, as links to the past: Making my Father's recipe for eggnog (not for you kids, and adults don't drive after drinking it!), decorating the tree and remembering the story behind every decoration, making Christmas cake (although I haven't yet assumed the lead for this tradition my Mother is still in charge, but I heartily consume it!), as well as baking and entertaining lots! Christmas still is magical to me, not because of Santa (I came to a realisation when I was 7) but because of the moments shared during the season. Agreed, I get cross with people putting their trees up in November and stressing over presents then come the 26th- it abruptly stops. Sure, I feel sad that they might not be enjoying it. So take out all the rush and pressure and the over indulgence, and enjoy the magic.

These pops are part of my tradition. I make tons of these at Christmas, and yes they take a lot of time, and I often have late nights when I'm approaching a deadline, but what really pushes me on is thinking of the people I am making them for. I love hearing how people have used their pops as their decorations and hope that my little sweet treats have made them seasonally happy!!

These photos were sent to me by a lady who ordered these angels, to show me how they decorated their table. In the email she also told me:
" I decorated (the table) and everyone was awed with your little angels…the whole theme was angels….we had little messages at each place about different explanations of angles, archangels, cherubim etc….."

I love all these traditions.

Merry Christmas everyone...

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