Saturday, 23 February 2013

Easter Encroaches

    We've all felt it. That hope and glimmer of warmer weather after a cold hard winter. Flowers, leaves on trees, and grass! And with Spring, hand-in-hand, comes Easter. This pastel-coloured season is synonymous with new-born chicks, bunnies, eggs, hot crossed buns, and going to church. Not only do I enjoy celebrating Easter in my church singing Easter Anthems, I also enjoy the good eats that come with this time of year. The roast lamb, roast potatoes, mint sauce, and never forgetting the chocolate: Traditional egg hunts in gardens, gummy bunnies, chocolate eggs, and all other good things. On top of the traditional church services, and after the lamb dinner, I celebrate with sweet treats like little sheep, cute bunnies, adorable chicks, and sweetly edible eggs. Fortunately I have a Mother whom I have taken very strongly after and I make them all myself, just as she did.

   Understandably, there's a lot going on at Easter so we often find ourselves running out of time, or trying to scramble at the last minute. Let me help you with that. If you feel that your little bunnies would love to have one of my Easter-themed treats, let me know! Send me a note through my Facebook page by clicking HERE, and we can talk.

   The ground hogs predicted a long Spring... let hope they're right!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Feeling the Love

What a week! Baking is somewhat a labour of love, but considering the occasion it was more than appropriate. On top of the Valentine's orders I was also making pops for the Edgewater Teacher Appreciation Day so a full plate I did have, but always worth it.

Thanks to all who ordered Valentine's pops, I hope they brought smiles to your loved ones (and saved you making dessert!!). There's a certain element of appreciation that comes with Valentine's Day, and I definitely felt that. Thank you!!

I've come a long way... This is me, I'm about two-years-old and it would appear I thought trying to eat the tulips in our garden was a great idea. Kids, don't eat tulips but... can eat these flowers!!!

Now for a bit of a break before we launch into Easter!! Things to look out for: sheep, chicks, bunnies, and lots of pastel colours! 

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Edgewater Teacher Appreciation Day 2013!!

You become aware of a whole year passing when, for example, you make a cake for someone and add a year to the number on top. You also notice when the seasons start coming around again or in this case annual events. Last year, I was pleased to be able to help the teachers and staff of Edgewater school in Pincourt feel appreciated for their "Teacher Appreciation Day" last February, making them star-shaped pops. I have one of my Christmas sales at this school each year so I was happy to help, and very happy when they asked me to contribute something again this year. Every year they follow a theme for the day which luckily for me was "You are Kind and Sweet", very handy when I will be making sweet treats for them; I'm already half way to finding a design. My first thoughts was of course those sweetheart candies with sayings on them. In my day they said things like "Call Me" and "U R Great", which now have been modernised from "Fax Me" to "Text Me" or "FB Me"... I can't keep up! For my pops however, I stuck with the traditional wording which worked within the theme for the school also, and they all read "U R Sweet". I loved all the colours together and the hearts were a really pretty shape. Hopefully they brought some smiles to some special teachers and staff members!  

Sunday, 3 February 2013

A New Adventure

Some of your may remember my post about the Montreal Baking Show this past Fall. In it I discussed meeting the owner of a local bake shop, Hilary, and asking for advice about my cake pops. I knew I liked her when I told her that I had with me my album of cake pop photos to show people there (feeling a bit like a cake geek), to which she replied "a good baker always does." Our conversation continued and I had felt I'd formed a good contact that day.

Recently I have been reaching out to many people as I was on the hunt for jobs. Hilary was among those people I reached out to and her response really surprised me. Hilary had been reminded of our conversation at the Baking Show when she was thinking about planning a cake pop making work shop. Luckily, my good impression remained with her and she thought I'd be good to teach it!! Now I just have to dig deep into my genes and channel both my parent's abilities to teach, and pass on what knowledge I've pulled together on making cake pops.

It really is very exciting, and I'm truly looking forward to teaching people how to create these tasty treats.  So if you are free on Saturday March 23rd (and live in Montreal...sorry to all my British friends who read my blog) at 9:30am, then come and learn how to channel Spring Time into cake pops!

Contact Hilary at Délices Delary Delights by clicking HERE, for more information on how to get in touch with her.

You could learn how to make and take these little guys home!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

No Lilies for Laila!

I always love doing something different with my cake pops. I've never done anything with Super Heros although I've been tempted I've never had an occasion where they'd be appropriate. My luck changed when Laila's Mum asked for some Poison Ivy cake pops for Laila's 7th birthday. Granted, not the typical design for a seven-year-old, but I love something new!

  These are definitely a sign that Laila's growing up. Last year she had a Princess cake!