Saturday, 26 April 2014

80 Years in Wedgewood Green

Most of my time spent making cakes, they're "cute", or "fun", or "wildly coloured", because most of the time I'm making cakes, cupcakes, and cake pops for people under the age of 15. This cake however, was refreshingly different. Made and decorated for a special Mum of a special lady who attends my church. Both these ladies are wonderful role models, and would do anything for their friends and family. I see both her and Mum (who's 80th Birthday this cake is helping to celebrate) as elegant women, and I hope I was able to reflect that in this cake.

The Wedgewood green was my choice. I've always loved the look of Wedgewood, in any colour, but the green's always been my favourite and always inspires elegance in my mind. (The flash on the camera gives the cake a more grey-blue tint. In the real, they're more of the earthy-green to it...)

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Hopping Popping Easter

Thankfully 2014's Easter came a little later than last year's. Our snow had for the most part melted, it was warm enough to down-size the parka to a smaller one, and boots were not totally necessary. Definitely put one in a veritable Spring-mood! For this year's Easter pops, as well as the usual farm yard critters, I enjoyed playing around with the egg decorations. My trusty toothpick and I had fun layering different coloured lines to make a "traditional" looking egg.

Here are a few snaps of my sweet little friends. Hopefully your Easter was just as sweet, and will be the wonderful, hopeful start to a great year ahead!

As I said, the usual farm yard critters, the chicks and bunnies are always popular, and my Mum's favourite; the sheep.

...I did mention I'd bee having fun making the eggs, right?! :)

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Frozen Fun for a Five-Year-Old

I remember when I was Five and Disney's The Little Mermaid came out. I was obsessed with the music and the movie to the point where I would spend whole afternoons locked in our living room, dancing and singing to the sound track. Note: to a certain generation the term "sound track" means something else than what I'm referring to. My sound track to The Little Mermaid consisted of three audio tapes, one told a story, one was instrumental music, and the last tape held the songs from the movie. It's a wonder the ribbon hasn't frayed and broken for all the times I played them! Still to this day, I can sing all the words to Les Poissons (Oh yes, I'm that cool....). So although I haven't actually seen Frozen, I can see that this little 5-year-old was just as enamoured with this movie as I was with The Little Mermaid.

For Tashi's birthday party, her Dad asked me to make a few cupcakes in the Frozen theme. After a bit of Googleing and some lateral thinking I came up with a few designs:

Nothing says "Frozen" like snow flakes and glitter!

Two red braids for Anna.

One long, silvery braid for Elsa the Snow Queen.

And Olaf (which to my relief was instantly recognised by Tashi!)


I would loved to have done Sven the moose as well, but I'll just have to save him for next time.

Warm wishes on your Frozen Fifth Birthday, Tashi!