Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Christmas Gifts Done my Way

Whenever I think of what I can bring to someone's house there isn't usually any question as to what I end up choosing. I always try to think of what I can make (usually cookies), or at special occasions what I can bake (usually cake or cake pops), and whenever there's a birthday I always try to make the card... I know, it's exhausting for me too. At Christmas though, it's always easy to know what to bring. Here were a couple examples of some of those little treats I brought along with me to some occasions:

 These are what I brought to my Music Director for the holidays. I dipped the truffles in the blue chocolate just to match the box. This fortuitously gave me the opportunity to use some more of my new, awesome sprinkles! 


 For the first time in years I made mince pies (nothing to do with meat, it's a fruit filling). These are incredibly popular in England, so I was happy to make them for a patient who is originally from England. These were my contribution when I went over to see him for a wee glass of sherry over the holidays. 

Many happy memories curling up in front of the fire at the Vicarage, with a glass of mulled wine and a minced pie, all toasty warm... good memories.

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