Saturday, 15 November 2014

The Craft Fair Schedule Carries On!

My most recent fair was at Edgewater school. This is where I started, and it is now my fourth year attending! I look back on my first year there with only four designs (Christmas trees, Santa bellies, Santa hats, and Reindeers), and on how clueless I was with what I was able to do with cake and chocolate, and I am so proud of myself for trying new designs all the time, testing  new flavours of cake and for pushing myself to work hard when it really matters. Because of this sale I have had several orders and repeat business that I'm so grateful for and which give inspiration to keep pushing myself.

This year's fair was particularly pleasing, not only did I almost sell out (!), but I had several people come up to me, greeting me with "Oh good, you're back again!" or "I had your pops last year, they were delicious". I also met my contact for the L. V. Lomas pop contract here at Edgewater a couple years ago, and I was happy to see her once again this year! Just goes to prove, you never know what will happen when you meet someone!

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Dining on Diner-Themed Pops from Dinner

One of the best things about the sales that I go to, is meeting new people, and having people place orders with suggestions for themes I've never done before. I've been asked if I can do certain designs because they already have a theme in mind, or alternatively they see my pops and conclude that these are perfect for an event their hosting but they still needed something. This recently happened at the Thomas a Becket fair I was at on November 1st. There was a pair of ladies roaming the room, and when they came up to my table, the first thing I heard was "these would be perfect for our party!".

Their event was going to have a 1950's Diner theme, and the colours would be pink, blue, and black so I suggested a mix of pink and blue pops all with a black swirl for that diner-feel. Hopefully they were a sweet addition to this vintage party!

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Second Sale, First Year

Round two in the schedule of sales this year. I found out about this sale while I was at my last one, so it was a nice, unexpected addition to this year's events. The occasion runs over two days, but unfortunately I could only do the Saturday. Maybe next year I can make it work...

Again, I saw familiar vendors, and equally nice was being recognised by them too. "Oh look, the Cake Pop Lady is here!" is usually what I hear when they see me.Seeing as we were getting a little closer to Christmas, I felt that I should make some Christmas pops (deep breath!) to take along as well as some more Autumnal themed pops. I suppose I'll only be making more pops as the time draws nearer, better get my practising done!

This fancy little (non-edible) cupcake was a gift from a friend, a perfect addition to my table and holds my new cards brilliantly!

A second appearance for the banner.

 And so it begins....

But just so we don't get the bends from leaving Autumn too quickly, still some autumnal pops.

Friday, 31 October 2014

Baby Boy Bonbons

I've mentioned to you this mini baby-boom my friends are all experiencing. Within the span of about two months, six of my friends will have off-sprung! This particular assortment of cakes was for a colleague of mine from my last job who is expecting her second little one, a little boy named Logan, whom she will be welcoming into their family any day now!! There were two occasions that called for baked goods, one was her last day at work for which I made the cake and pops, then I attended her baby shower to which I brought the mini-cupcakes. The theme of her shower was actually a "Baby Sprinkle," thus making the decorations on the cupcakes all the more important!

When ever I think of babies, one image I always think of is illustrations in the Nursery Rhymes. Soft animals in celestial settings, playing and frolicking, pure innocence on a page. Therefore when I was designing this cake, I couldn't help but make it slightly nursery rhyme-themed with the jumping sheep, the sun and the moon and the soft grass. 

One special request I got was to cover the cake in marzipan instead of fondant, so that is indeed blue-tinted marzipan surrounding the blue velvet cake inside.

I loved making the fences, I wanted them to look realistic enough to pass as wood so I went so far as to make notches in the planks. 

These little guys were fun to make also, and were different enough from the little baby girl pops I made for another friend's shower. So simple, yet so visually effective.

The pitter patter....

 Finally, the mini cupcakes I made for the "Baby Sprinkle". Lemon cupcakes, topped with blue-tinted cream cheese icing and multi-coloured sprinkles.

(I've discovered that my fridge casts a a beautiful light....who'd a thunk?)

Sunday, 26 October 2014

A Rainbow for Serena

A while back, you may remember a group of Unicorns I made as part of an auction lot I donated to our Church's talent auction this past Summer. This group of colourful pops is the second half to the lot. As I was made to understand these were going to be put into the freezer, and taken out by the young lady who won the auction lot and eaten whenever she fancied a pop. I think that's a very rational things to do, just when you need a little something sweet.

Working with the request "just make them colourful!" I went ahead and made a two-toned design with contrasting sugar colours. Important to keep track of the colours, otherwise I was easily confused... all worked out in the end, and I do believe they can be described as "colourful".

Monday, 20 October 2014

Flowers for England

My Mum made her annual trip to England this Fall, and in her carry-on luggage was a box full of these little truffles. Mum knew there were already several engagements made and she wanted to have something to bring with her as a thank-you. I was happy to provide some truffles for Mum to bring. Originally I was going to send her with some boxes of truffles but in the end the truffles were too big for the boxes so Mum made up bags of truffles whenever she went to someone's house, that worked perfectly.

I had several emails from people that Mum had just gone to see, thanking me for the sweet treats. I even got a photo of the cakes in mid-consumption! (I think they liked them)

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Fall Fair at St. John the Baptist Church

For the second year in a row I packed a box of pops to bring to the St. John the Baptist church in Pointe-Claire. It was nice seeing familiar faces again, the garlic farmers and the bees was Ladies. Plus all the people who came to my table and asked for something specifically because they had it last year and loved it! That is particularly gratifying because having a good reputation is the most powerful thing.

I brought a selection of Autumnally decorated pops with those fabulous leaf sprinkles, and I added some new sprinkles too. I practically squealed when I saw the "skull and cross bone" sprinkles, how cool are they? I also brought along a sweet flock of turkeys all set for Thanksgiving weekend. As well as the pops I brought my "Gourmet Boxes" with different flavours. Back by popular demand I had my lemon, red velvet, and mint-chocolate boxes, and also the apple pie cake and pumpkin pie cake boxes, this time with a little twist.

I even had the added bonus of my Mum keeping me company, and without her I wouldn't be making these pops!
My table this year had the addition of my new banner!

 The Autumnal pops, with the skull and cross bones sprinkles on the white pops in the front (so fabulous!)

I'm still in love with these leave sprinkles. They work with any autumn coloured chocolate and still look stunning.

 The Pie-Truffle boxes with a twist! I made both the apple and pumpkin pie truffles look like mini pies, with a crust and everything, so sweet!