Sunday, 30 August 2015

Perhaps this Tree Cake will make you feel "sappy"....

Special birthdays require special cakes and this one certainly was! This cake was for a huge party to celebrate my friend Raman's 70th birthday, and the cake was the brain child of his wife, another friend of mine. She approached me and asked how we could make a tree out of cake seeing as after my wedding, trees were my thing. (They were the theme, after all....) She said it came to her one afternoon when she imagined rolling hills and trees, all made out of cake. She wanted a combination of cake and cake pops so I came up with a design that brought the two together. I designed rolling hills, a river with a little bridge leading to a little path, a waterfall tumbling on the rocks, and a small forest of coniferous and deciduous trees. Upon delivery of this outdoorsy, and heavy cake, my friend was so pleased that I had somehow made her dreams into a sweet reality!

Mount Gateau, in full bloom.  

I used these little chocolates that looks just like rocks. They worked perfectly with outdoors theme of this cake.
There was a little path, wrapping around the little pond.

This is the waterfall, tumbling and frothing on the rocks.

These are the trees...

The deciduous trees, as best you can represent them with chocolate.

These are coniferous trees (recognise them??)
The trees all together in the little forest I made with confectionary.
Before the party I couldn't "plant" the trees in the cake because I still had to transport it, however I did want to see what they final product would look like all put together... thankfully, the birthday boy's daughter took brilliant photos of the party, including this one!

I got an email from my friend with a photo showing how little of the cake was left... I was most impressed!
"A great hit Sarah. Thanks again"

Saturday, 1 August 2015

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's a Cake!!

It is a common occurrence to make the cakes for the siblings within a family. What I love to see in this instance are the differences among them, and how widely they differ from one another. For example, taking a look at my own childhood, my older sister was well into New Kids in the Block (the original, not the hybrid band with the Back Street Boys), whereas I was into fish and The Little Mermaid. You can just imagine the potential differences there.

With these particular cupcakes, I would like you to refer back to the posting I made about being Frozen in June (found HERE). Those cakes were for the sister of Mr. Superhero. Not that I would expect a little boy to necessarily choose frozen as their first choice, but still, vivre la difference!

The birthday boy's Mum showed me an image of what she was thinking of for his party, so I tried to match it as well as possible. She very kindly sent me photos of how the cupcakes looked when they were all set up at the party, and I thought they looked great! They matched the d├ęcor perfectly, and really added a piece to the table.

Hopefully the birthday boy was happy with them, and enjoyed his super party!

All the cupcakes were decorated with comic-book colours.

Then, they were all decked out with appropriate, hand-painted toppers.

Each one matched up with a colour.
Once they were all set up together, I loved how exciting they looked!

"Just wanted to thank you for the gorgeous job you did with Michael's cupcakes.
They were a total hit! 
I thought you would like to see a picture of the dessert table (...) thanks again"

 Photo courtesy of the client.
Photo courtesy of the client.