Saturday, 6 December 2014

Mummy's Birthday

Amidst all the Hogmanay of Christmas, we can never forget my Mother's birthday at the beginning of the month. This year, Patrick and I had Mum over for dinner and invited Mum's best friend also. I roasted a chicken, made roast potatoes and steamed asparagus. To top off the whole meal I made a cake (anyone surprised??). I remembered a few months ago, making my Devil's Food cake and accompanying it with a new recipe I was trying for salted caramel sauce. Mum was quite fond of this, but with one wish that there was more sauce. I noted this and made her wish come true for her birthday. Not only was her chocolate cake layered with an icing made from the salted caramel sauce, but I poured the sauce over the cake a few times, essentially glazing the cake with salted caramel sauce. As if that wasn't enough decadence, everyone at the table got their own personal pouring pot of salted caramel sauce... num. It doesn't half make make your teeth ring, but well worth it!

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