Sunday, 14 December 2014

At the End of the Rainbow...

This is the third birthday cake I've made for this little birthday girl, although this one was a little different. Normally, the Birthday Girl's Mum, Nathalie and I get together at her house with a few other friends and we all decorate the cake (by "all" I mean Nathalie and I do, then our friends spend the evening assuring us that the icing and cake scraps are of the highest quality). This year, I wasn't able to join the gang for the annual cake-fest, so Nathalie commissioned me to make the cake with her design, then she and the quality-control team would make the cupcakes. We started off this tradition with Mini Mouse for Lexie's 1st Birthday, then went on to Old Macdonald for her 2nd, now to celebrate her 3rd birthday and Lexie wanted a "Rainbow" party, which definitely needed a rainbow cake.

Instantly, I wondered if Nathalie wanted a cake that looked like "Rainbow Bright" the beloved 1980's cartoon character or of the "celestial happening," but after she reassured me that it was the "celestial happening" I already had a vision:

There was one small detail that Nathalie asked for (only half seriously, but those are the ones I always listening to.) She asked for "purple bunnies with wings"... no problem.

 Purple bunny... 

 ...with wings. Check!

I also wanted to make a something a little extra special for Lexie because I couldn't go and help her Mum for her birthday so I made her her very own special rainbow pop!

Happy 3rd Birthday Lexie!!

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