Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Pumpkins are Starting to Pop Up!

These pops are for the daughter of one of my colleagues. Originally, my colleague asked if I could make my Lip-Pops as party favours for her daughter's 15th Birthday party. Of course, this seemed fine for me, but later that day I got a text from my colleague saying that her daughter had changed her mind; she now wanted pumpkin pops. "Could I make those?" my colleague asked... of course.

The last time I made pumpkins was ages ago. I made them to being to a Hollowe'en party Patrick and I went to way back when. Back then I was still making cake pops in my Mother's Kitchen, and stuffing all my materials in one tiny cupboard. (For a blast-from-the-past check out the posting HERE).

I hope these particular little treats added to the Birthday Girl's special dinner!