Sunday, 14 July 2013

Mmmmm.....Peanut Butter......

My final project was a personal one. I am taking these treats to a party later, and wanted to take something I'd wanted to try and make for a while. One time I was in one of my supply stores, I saw peanut-butter flavoured pastilles.... I instantly wanted them, but felt I should wait until I actually had a project to make otherwise I would just eat them.... all...... by myself.

My opportunity come along when I decided to make "Inside Out Reece's Truffles". Chocolate cake inside, dipped in peanut-butter flavoured chocolate, topped with a single Reece's piece.

My Mother tried one.... I'm going to have to make more just for her.....

It's a Bird....It's a Plane......

.....It's Superman!!!!!
These are my very first super hero cake pops! For some time I've wanted to do a set of pops inspired by the Justice League of America, so I guess I've made the first step.

These are for a Super little boy's Birthday party. Mum was inspired by a photo she saw on Pintrest, and came to me in the hopes that I could recreate these pops for her. Luckily, these were classically designed and remained true to the "Superman" colour scheme, therefore wasn't too difficult to stay true to the original design. I have to admit that I was glad to make pops for a little boy as most of the pops I've made are for little girls, and it was fun to work with dark blue and red and not pale green and pink. My boyfriend certainly got a kick out of them!

Hope the party was a big success!!



A Week-End Treat

It seems it's been a while since I've posted about my latest projects! Truth be told, I've been having a bit of a "holiday" and not baking so much in the hot weather. But this past week was a complete 180 as I had three projects to work on!

First was an order designed to be a week-end treat for the step-daughter of a colleague of Patrick's (aren't you glad that wasn't the title of this posting!!) When I'm making pops for little girls, younger than 9, I can imagine pink, purple, sprinkles, and other fun girlie decorations adorning all the pops. When it comes to 9-year-old however I have to think older. After all, she's still a kid but she's starting to grow just a little bit. So I tried to come up with designs that would strike this balance.
I hope she liked them!