Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Fun with Duff!

My Mother often likes to see what new tools/techniques I use in various projects, so I felt the need to share some of these facts. No secrets and no particular special skills are often needed to make yummy looking treats!

These are tubes of "candy writers". Basically, hardened candy coatings in a tube which I can melt and use like a pen. It allows the decorator to be more precise and add special details, or just jun lines as I did with these truffles.

Maximum statement with minimal effort!

This particular brand is "Duff Goldman" of Ace of Cakes. There are many other colours (but these were the ones on sale!)

A mix of mint and white chocolate covered chocolate truffles. The green denoting which are the mint. I feel they have an almost "Tim Burton" feel to them...

 Along the same vein, but all chocolate with plain white chocolate covering. I added sugar pearls for a little extra something.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Thinking about Lady Baden Powell

I mentioned in my last post that my next order also had something to do with parenting-based projects. This weeks' challenge involved making sweet treats for a local Girl Guide gathering celebrating Thinking Day and Lady Baden Powell's 123rd birthday on February 22. One of the first things I imagined I could do in the future with my little cake pops was celebrating the flying up ceremonies for the different girl guide groups. Of course they would be colour coordinated too; pink for the Sparks, brown for the Brownies, royal blue for the Guides, green for the Pathfinders, red for Rangers, and naturally navy blue for the dedicated Leaders. My dream was realised early and pre-children. For this particular project, I went with the classic Guiding trefoil on a medium green background.  125 cake pops later, and I will never forget what the trefoil looks like!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Teacher Appreciation!

My next couple of projects I have coming up involve future projections of my life. Although I don't have kids yet, these next two orders were definitely "parent" oriented. Firstly, this weeks' pops were for Teacher Appreciation Week at a local elementary school. As per the organiser's request I made 60 cake pops in the shape of star, then after a single dip in yellow chocolate I covered them in gold and coarse sugar to make them shiny! Although they were a simpler design than ones I've down in the past, I love the way they turned out. They were bright and cheerful, and I hope the teachers see them and smile! It's a little cheesy but we all remember that one teacher who made us feel like a super star, so in return hopefully these will make them feel like one.

My new tool! After using our 3-hole punch to punch one single hole in the tags to attach to the cake pop, I invested $4.00 into a single-hole punch. I know I have one somewhere in the house but clearly it's in a safe place. This make the task so much easier!!!

Wrapped up with their "Thank you" tags.

...Next week you'll see what I mean by the second "parent" oriented cake order.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Happy Birthday Princess Laïla!

This month's theme has been definitely been "Princess" and "Pink". I've had three consecutive orders for six year old birthday parties, and for everyone I've been thinking of my own youngest niece who will also be turning six next month.
This latest one is actually going to the cousin of Hailey who received the pink cake a couple weeks ago. When Laïla's Mum and I were planning this cake, she told me it was a Princess themed party. Immediately, I thought of a tiara but didn't want to do the whole cake as a tiara and I'm not skilled enough yet to build an entire castle out of cake so I thought I'd split the difference; I built a Princess's tower surrounded by a moat and place a tiara next to it. All edible, no less! Watching it all come together; Spreading the green for the grass, building the tower, adding the writing, letting the vines "grow" over the tower, and adding little patches of moss, it turned into quite the fairy tale.
Happy Birthday Princess Laïla, hope you like your cake!!!