Saturday, 25 May 2013

Cake Pop Class on a Rainy Day

I couldn't think of a better way to spend this rainy Saturday afternoon, then making cake pops with friends. This class was a Mother's Day gift to a friend of mine at my church and although they have received many of my cake pops, neither of them had either made any themselves. They picked up the basic skills no problem, and were able to move on to some more challenging designs. I love seeing what ideas other people come up with, and the two highlights of this class were Casey's gold fish and Teresa'a Zombie Bride. Both looked pretty pleased as they left my house, numerous cake pops in hand, full of ideas how to make their own at home. The only thing I think they weren't pleased about was having to walk to the car in the rain!!

The work stations, all set up. All the sprinkles, sugars, sequins, nonpareils, hundreds-an-thousands, and any other confectionery sprinkle to decorate our cake pops all at the ready too.

Escargot dishes double up as material dividers.

This is what greets my students when they walk into my kitchen...

We made basic pops, but we also made some specific designs. The chick and the sheep are always popular choices, but I thought a lion would be fun too!

The aftermath.... well worth it though because this is what you get...

...a wonderful collection of cake pops! They all turned out brilliantly, I am so proud!

 Everyone being packed up to head home. 

If anyone has any questions about having a class at my house (for 2-3 people... my kitchen is small), Like me on Facebook Page, and you can contact me through my site!

Friday, 24 May 2013

Something Old, Something New...

I first made this pair about two years ago, and unfortunately I haven't had the chance to make them again since. I decided to make them this evening, not for a client, but for my class tomorrow. We are going to work towards making the bride and groom as a piece de resistance, so I needed an example for my students to follow.

I still love the simplicity of these elegant pops. So many possibilities with colour, and flowers, and other details. Know any brides-to-be that would love to have these at their head table??

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Lise Watier Display

You may remember  I made cake pops at the end of April for my boyfriend's pharmacy for a Lise Watier perfume launch they were hosting (you can see the post by clicking here). Today, I have finally remembered to post a photo that Patrick took of the display!

I'm glad the pastel colours of the display worked with the pastel colours of the cake pops... I didn't know how the cake pops would be presented once they got to the pharmacy, but I'm glad it worked out!

Friday, 17 May 2013

Cake Pops for Hoooooooo?

The only other baby shower cake pops I've been asked to were little rubber duckies, and I did them  ages ago! So I was very pleased when a colleague of mine asked if I could do some for a new little boy in their family. I was told this little chap has owls and elephants in his room, which, coupled with the fact that these pops had to travel to Delaware meant that I decided to go with the more hardy design of the owl. I had never made owls before so I was really excited to do something new. I made the three owls, and the rest I did with little baby boy colours and polka-dots. Although this shower was just for the little boy, the new Mum's friend was expecting a girl so my colleagued asked for a few pink pops added into the mix to make her feel included also. Hopefully the party went well, as well as the drive down to Delaware!

Happy long weekend, all!!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all cake lovers!!

This year Patrick and I had our parents over to our house for a raclette dinner, hopefully giving our Mummies a night to enjoy. Both our Mummies got both edible and non-edible flowers, a card, and a filling meal.

I owe a lot of my abilities to my Mum. As a child, I watched her make and decorate cakes and baking pies and all sorts of lovely yummy things. She is where I get my "I'll just do it myself" attitude- nothing is impossible!! She's also the story behind the name of my cake business, she is the Marge to whom I am Mini Marge.

Hopefully you all enjoyed your time with your Mothers or someone you see as a maternal role model. Keep the love going around!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Cake Pops FORE a Birthday!

What a week, I've been so busy with cake, and work, and all sorts of other things! This order was fun in a whole new kind of way! When I spoke with the client she asked for 24 cake pops designed to look like golf balls with a feminine twist, for her sister's birthday. Having never done a golf ball before, I needed to do a bit of Googling to get an idea of the best technique. To cut a very long story short, I tried almost every option trying to get these cake pops looking just like golf balls but at first to no avail. I wanted to get those dimples right, because otherwise we're just looking at a lumpy cake pop! (And in my books, if it's not perfect, it's not good enough!) Eventually I got all the tools I needed, and I was really pleased with the end result.

These pops were to be given out after the party as a thank you to all the guests who came to the birthday girl's special gathering. Hopefully they were happy to go home with one of these delights!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Pug Pops!

A few months ago my friend came to me with a simple request... "could you do pug pops?" she asked with purpose. She wanted to give her husband a birthday present and she thought that pug pops would be just the thing. This friend of mine has three pugs of her own, so I knew I had to get it right! I always love when people come up to me and ask whether or not I could make pops in a certain design and usually, I honestly don't know whether I can or cannot until I've actually tried to make one so my response is often "I can try!". To come up with a workable design I looked at several pictures of (rather adorable) pugs, trying to see which features were the most important such as the colours, the tongue, the eyes, etc, and how to represent them in sugar products. But most crucially I needed to find out how to put something on my cake pops that I usually try to avoid...wrinkles! A true pug characteristic. Watching these little creatures come together with all their different personas was really rewarding, and so was the smile on my friend's face when I brought them to her. I've already heard that the Birthday Boy enjoyed his treat!

 A tasty pack of pugs!