Sunday, 5 June 2016

Casey the Book Worm

Cakes are perfect for celebrating any occasion, and when ever we have a special occasion at my church we always celebrate with cake. Not only occasions or milestones for the church itself, but also for the personal accomplishments of the congregation. 

On this particular occasion we were celebrating the enormous accomplishments of one of the ladies of the church. She volunteers much of her time to church activities and has raised four children of her own, but now that the youngest is well established in high school, Casey decided to go back to school herself, and studied a Masters in Library Science at McGill, and this June she graduated. Quietly going about her daily life, she worked hard and achieved her goal. Certainly deserves a cake!

This was a joint effort on this cake. My Mum baked the cake using her family's carrot cake recipe, and I decorated the design. Though a bit cliche, I couldn't think of a better decoration for a Librarian than a book worm.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Climbing with Cupcakes

These cupcakes were for a little girl for whom I have made cupcakes and pops before. You can always tell they are growing up when their taste in cakes changes from something like Frozen (the movie, not the weather condition) to a rock climbing party! When the birthday girl's Mum told me the theme of the party, I thought this sounded wonderful and showed how brave this birthday girl was. 

The rock climbing company has very distinctive colours so I did my best to match those, otherwise I thought these rock chocolates were perfect for these cupcakes. They look just like the grips on the walls.