Sunday, 27 March 2016

Double Baptismal Blessing

Sometimes I'm asked simply to decorate the cakes for my clients, say if they have Grandma's favourite recipe for fruit cake but don't trust themselves with a piping bag, I can help them with the icing half of things. For this family, I was asked to decorate a cake they had baked, in order to celebrate the baptism of two babies in their family! They chose a beautiful design that suited both babies, I just made sure the names were right (pretty important!).

I've never had the opportunity to make little figurines out of fondant, but I'm super pleased with how these ones turned out- so cute!
I adore the stitching on the ears.
Sweet little wings for the bunny.

Deceptively simple, but perfectly suited for the occasion.
Every blessing!

Cute Cupcakes for Easter

Given that I have a wall of jars that are full of sprinkles, ranging from coloured nonpareils to adorable little shapes for all the seasons, when I have a request for "cute" Easter cupcakes I instantly run through my types of sprinkles to create the best sweet treats. Instead of making classically iced cupcakes, I thought I would extend the Spring-theme and use my trusty grass tip and make little tufts of sweet grass, covered in adorable pastel-coloured sprinkles, thus forming cupcake nests for chocolate eggs.

These cupcakes were to function as place markers for a friend's Easter dinner table, and with these accompanying her already beautifully decorated table, I can't see how her guests couldn't have been thoroughly impressed.

I got those cute little carrot and bunny tags for my friend to write her guests names on and mark the cupcakes, so cute!
Love the little bunny sprinkles.

And the multi-coloured eggs.
...and the little carrot sprinkles!!
Happy little Easter tufts!

Saturday, 26 March 2016

We All Scream for Ice Cream...Cake

There is always a first time for everything, and most of the time you never know what you are capable of until you try it. Albeit, I'd rather try something new with someone I trust and not someone I'd never met before, so when my friend asked if I made ice cream cakes, and I said I never had before, I felt confident to try it out (and she trusted me enough to do it). I searched You Tube and armed myself with a plan.

My friend's son was having a birthday and an ice cream cake was his wish. The other wish was simply put: "chocolate". And chocolate it was! Chocolate ice cream, with chocolate cake, covered in chocolate buttercream... think there's enough chocolate?

The trickiest thing I found with an ice cream cake was the timing. Firstly, you had to be sure that you made it far enough in advance because it had to solidify in the freezer for a minimum of three hours depending on the size of your cake. Secondly, once you started working on the cake you had to be quick and get it back into the freezer before you ended up with a nicely decorated bowl of chocolate soup, as I was telling my friend. Luckily for me, timing was on my side and I didn't hand my friend a sprinkle-filled bowl of chocolate soup.

The cling film made the cake easy to take out of the cake pan. Otherwise I would have had to melt it slightly to slide it out (potentially resulting in the aforementioned chocolate soup).
My friend told me that Camron is into gaming, so I tried to incorporate that into the decorations. Much Googling, and double checking of details was required because although I don't know the first thing about different controllers (one's white?!), there was a young man who would have been looking at this cake and checking the details so I had to try my best to get the details as accurate as you can with chocolate and a tooth-pick.
Green was the colour of choice for the birthday boy, good choice Camron :)
Simply green sprinkles up the sides, which stuck to the freshly spread buttercream.
First time using these plastic cake it!! I like how you could see the cake through the plastic which isn't the case with the cardboard boxes. I may have to use these more and not just for ice cream cakes. 

Friday, 25 March 2016

Easter Sweets

I can always tell the shift in the season based on the colour of chocolate I'm using to dip cake pops. Christmas I go through a lot of red, green and white, and all the candy cane, gingerbread, and snowflake sprinkles. St. Valentine's Day I use up my red and white again, but this time I throw in pink and purple for added character, and now I use lots of little heart sprinkles, and red and pink nonpareils. Later on the year come the Autumn and Thanksgiving pops where I shift into yellow, orange, red (again...), and milk chocolate. I have the cutest little sprinkles that are autumnal leaves in seasonal colours, which I love using. Hallowe'en comes soon after where the black, purple, and lime green play a big part and all the really wicked Hallowe'en sprinkles I have that are shaped like skull and cross bones, witches, bats, and moons. But before the Autumn hews come out, I get to Easter where the decorations are distinctly pastel. Pale pink green and blue, yellow, and white, with all the cutest bunny-, chick-, and egg-shaped sprinkles and all manner of spring-coloured nonpareils. I am encouraged when it comes time to making my little Easter animals because it's one of those sure signs that Spring is springing!


Sheep (my Mother's  favourite)

Hope you all have a Hoppy Easter :)

Sweet Smelling Roses

So happy I got to make my roses again! I love the mix of the chocolate and the fondant decoration I get to play with, it adds a whole new dimension to their appeal, I feel. Unlike roses I've made in the past however, these weren't for St. Valentine's Day, or even Mother's Day but for a Mother's birthday in fact. Imagine on your birthday you receive a lovely bouquet of roses from your family and to your surprise you can eat them too! Not a bad present. When these pops were ordered they asked if I could make yellow roses, which I've never made before, and I have to say I love how they turned out. They have a very soft look to them, and I hope they sweetened the birthday girl's celebration.