Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Even the Little Gatherings

Just a quick one to get back on track. Sometimes there needn't be a big party, or a fancy wedding to bake a cake for. Sometimes they are simply your own contribution to the end-of-year choir party dinner. I love a good pot-luck; everyone brings the meal they are known for, usually in a large crock-pot or sweet-plate, so everyone at your gathering gets to sup from the crème-de-la-crème of your groups' offerings. I stick to my basics so unless I'm bringing our family's recipe of Aunt Barbara's Casserole, I bring cake. Here was my offering to my love of our choir: my favourite chocolate cake recipe covered in cream cheese icing, in the shape of a heart!

Saturday, 20 June 2015

A Sweet Fairwell

You can say so much with cake! I must admit that I can only claim half the credit for this cake because one of the other parishioners brought the cake and I offered to decorate it.

This weekend, we celebrated our two wonderful years with our curate Alain who was now leaving to continue growing at another church in Montreal. We knew this inevitable day would come but because we had forged such a connection with Alain it wasn't any easier knowing. To give him a really fun send off, the congregation brought platters of food to feed the masses and we had dinner together with a series of presentations to highlight some of his most memorable impacts on us.

My Mum came up with the idea of making him a stole (part of the clerical "uniform", a coloured band of fabric that is draped around their neck) which would be something he could take with him and think of us always. All the members of the congregation had a part in it because  we printed our hand prints all over the fabric with different colours of paint. Every time he wears it, it will be like we're always there to lend a helping hand.

Seemed a natural choice to decorate the cake in a similar way, then.

  Just to give you some idea of the scale. These little hand prints were not those of the congregation, but were almost a true representation.

I tried to give the fondant stole a textured appearance, to make it look more like fabric. 
Thank you for everything Alain!!

 **I will post a couple photos of the non-edible stole, once I have them!** 

Sunday, 14 June 2015

A Sweet Thank-You

When I was small, I attended Sunday School every week. My Mum was one of the teachers, and truth be told I mostly clung to her, but I do remember that we had particularly kind, patient and lovely Sunday School teachers, some of whom are still very active in the Sunday School. This Summer, however one of our steadfast teachers, Mary-Ann did decide to step down. Mary-Ann was one of the teachers I remember from when I was little, so you can imagine that she now deserves a well earned break.

When one of the other Sunday School teachers asked if I would do a cake for Mary-Ann, I tried to think of how I could give her a part of the church she has given so much of her time and energy to. One detail that always jumps out for me, is the stained glass in the windows, so I did my best to give Mary-Ann one of the windows.

Working with a photo I had taken that was the size of a postage stamp! Nonetheless, I think it turned out quite well.

Mary-Ann is using her time now to focus on another mission close to her heart, Messy Church which is a new gathering in our church. Every fourth Wednesday, Mary-Ann and our other dedicated Messy Church leaders, organise crafts, food, and a talk to the children. These "services" are specifically catered for families whose schedules aren't regular and fitting in the Sunday service isn't possible.
The first time our church held a Messy Church Service we anticipated 30 or so people... we received over 60 people.
So although Mary-Ann isn't directly working in the Sunday School, her efforts will be felt elsewhere. These pops were made to celebrate her new chapter, and are made using part of the Messy Church logo.