Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Truffle Boxes

I love these little treats. They look like a box of chocolates, but inside they're cake! Same centre as the cake pops, but they come in two different sizes: the larger one is the same amount of cake as the cake pops, and a smaller size.
The designs on these truffle cakes are a little more grown-up for lack of a better description. So far, I've stayed away from making cute animal faces on them, and gone more with a 'gourmet' approach and created a topping design to reflect the flavour inside, or of the chocolate.
For up-coming Valentine's Day, these really do make a lovely gift for someone. Give them a box of truffle cakes in their favourite flavour either dipped in their favourite colour chocolate, or why not chocolate dipped in their favourite sweet flavour. Finally they can be designed with swirls, sprinkles, letters, or topped with something sweet. The possibilities are endless!! It's personal, and your special someone will surly be touched at how well you know them!

I went with a "less is more" approach. I personally would stay away from a treat that looked like a needed a fork and knife to eat. I also wanted to evoke a sense of what you were eating even before you could smell the truffle cake. The swirls on top were meant to help with that:
The white swirl with coloured sprinkles is vanilla cake; The white swirl with golden sprinkles is lemon cake (normally I would use yellow chocolate, but this was for Christmas); the red swirl is red velvet cake; and the green swirl is chocolate cake, granted not chocolate but it's a 'C' and again it was for Christmas.
As I mentioned, the possibilities are endless. I've even tried flavouring the dipping chocolate. My boyfriend is quite fond of mint-chocolate so naturally I tried that one first. I dipped chocolate cake in mint chocolate and sprinkled 'mint crunch' white and green mint-flavoured pieces on top. They were a success!!

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