Friday, 20 January 2012

Bonne Fête Hailey!!

I believe my nieces would have loved these particular creations. Why? Because they're pink! (Most of them anyway.) The main request I had when I was designing these with the Birthday Girl's Mum was that she was a "girly girl" so could I include pink and purple. No problem. I instantly imagined designs involving bright pink, and happy purple, polka dots, flowers, sprinkles and other happy girly designs. There was also a request that the three boys at the party be catered for, so they got blue and green designed with shooting stars.
Not only was I making cakepops for the birthday girl, but her Mum also wanted a bigger cake to go with them. (First time for everything!) So again, I went with the pink, happy theme. I went with a pink butter cream, and to be honest all I could imagine when I was smearing this over the cake was "pink elephant". Don't ask me why, but but it's just what I thought this colour represented. I then topped it off with fondant polka dots in the cakepop colours.
I hope the Birthday day girl enjoys her treats, and bowls a strike at her party!!
The cake pops, drying. These are chocolate centres. There are 6 dipped in pink with purple flowers and 5 diped in purple with pink flowers. For the boys, all three were dipped in blue with green designs. I did shooting stars all three with different trails after their stars. All 14 were finished off with sugar pearls for a bit of class!
All wrapped up with their tags that read "Bonne Fête Hailey". The paper looks orange, but it's really flourescent pink.
My first order for a big cake! Chocolate also, with lots of polka dots in the same colours as the cake pops.
Side view showing the polka dots wrapping around the corners and the beading at the base.


  1. These were honestly a HUGE hit, the parents were BEYOND impressed! You should have posted your website on the back of the tag for extra business!! Thanks again Sarah!!!!!

    1. I realized that when I got home I had forgotten to give you a bunch of business cards. Live and learn!! You're so welcome Barbara, they were a lot of fun to make!

  2. Adorable cake. I automatically thought of Barbara and needed to check the comments to see if it had been for her. Your cake pops are awesome.

    1. Hello, nice to hear from you! Hope the rest of your sales went well for you over Christmas, I loved the fact that we had the best smelling room!! Thanks for checking my blog out, I'll be posting photos of Valentine's designs soon... watch this space. Take care!