Saturday, 28 January 2012

Double Birthday Fun!

Although I usually say I like a week to get organized with an order, to design plan and get it right, sometimes life decides that's boring. And although a week for a fairly sizable order is comfortable, there are some people you know you'd do it in for less. My hairdresser is one of these people. Carolyn is responsible for making my and my Mother's hair look great when ever we see her. She takes her time, and works hard to do the best job for us whenever we sit in her chair. (It's perfect too because I get to practice my rusty French!). An essential part of a hairdresser's job is talking to and getting to know their customers, and visa versa. After a while you gradually get to know the person beyond the styled exterior, such as Carolyn's children. A little boy and a little girl who were both born on the same day!! When Carolyn asked if I'd make her some cakes for her children's party the coming weekend, it was a no-brainer. Anyone else I may have said I don't have the time to do anything fancy, but I wanted to show Carolyn my appreciation for making me pretty by giving her something pretty in return!
One we established basics: how many, what flavour, her children's favourite colours and some general designs my little wheels started turning. Her daughter was turning 6 and wanted like pink and princess, and her little boy was turning 3 liked red and is into cars. From all that I came up with something that I hoped ticked all the boxes and felt personal.

Naturally when I hear Princess I think of crowns. I made these out of fondant I dyed yellow. Here they are drying.

And here they are on top of their pink crown-stand. I gave them pearls, gold sugar, and lots of different colours of sprinkles to be-jewel them!

I love the boys' design! I made black-fondant strips for the road and ultra white for the road markings. The cars are layers of different colours of chocolate. I'm wondering how these would look like with little trains, thinking of my trainiack boyfriend.

Wrapped up with red and pink tags to finish them off!!

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