Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Amaretto Sweet!

As I've mentioned, I'm experimenting with different flavoured oils giving tasty twists to both the chocolate and the cake. I use LorAnn's oils and flavours from one of my local stores. I have about 6 flavours now, but I would love to get my hands on all of them eventually! These are two examples of my experiments.

These are vanilla cake, dipped in dark cream coloured chocolate that I flavoured with Amaretto flavour oil. I sprinkled the tops with gold sugar which didn't change the flavour, it's only for a sparkly look in an appropriate colour.
My boyfriend's favourite, mint chocolate! When he expressed his fondness for mint chocolate, I started thinking how could I make some of my own. When I spotted to peppermint oil, I knew it would be perfect. I usually use chocolate cake dipped in peppermint-flavoured milk chocolate, but I have used vanilla cake with a drop of peppermint oil added for extra "mintiness". I sprinkle on top "mint crunch" which are white and green, mint-flavoured bits. The only thing my boyfriend complains about these cakes is that I don't make them often enough for him!

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