Saturday, 1 November 2014

Second Sale, First Year

Round two in the schedule of sales this year. I found out about this sale while I was at my last one, so it was a nice, unexpected addition to this year's events. The occasion runs over two days, but unfortunately I could only do the Saturday. Maybe next year I can make it work...

Again, I saw familiar vendors, and equally nice was being recognised by them too. "Oh look, the Cake Pop Lady is here!" is usually what I hear when they see me. Seeing as we were getting a little closer to Christmas, I felt that I should make some Christmas pops (deep breath!) to take along as well as some more Autumnal themed pops. I suppose I'll only be making more pops as the time draws nearer, better get my practising done!

This fancy little (non-edible) cupcake was a gift from a friend, a perfect addition to my table and holds my new cards brilliantly!

A second appearance for the banner.

 And so it begins....

But just so we don't get the bends from leaving Autumn too quickly, still some autumnal pops.

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