Friday, 31 October 2014

Baby Boy Bonbons

I've mentioned to you this mini baby-boom my friends are all experiencing. Within the span of about two months, six of my friends will have off-sprung! This particular assortment of cakes was for a colleague of mine from my last job who is expecting her second little one, a little boy named Logan, whom she will be welcoming into their family any day now!! There were two occasions that called for baked goods, one was her last day at work for which I made the cake and pops, then I attended her baby shower to which I brought the mini-cupcakes. The theme of her shower was actually a "Baby Sprinkle," thus making the decorations on the cupcakes all the more important!

When ever I think of babies, one image I always think of is illustrations in the Nursery Rhymes. Soft animals in celestial settings, playing and frolicking, pure innocence on a page. Therefore when I was designing this cake, I couldn't help but make it slightly nursery rhyme-themed with the jumping sheep, the sun and the moon and the soft grass. 

One special request I got was to cover the cake in marzipan instead of fondant, so that is indeed blue-tinted marzipan surrounding the blue velvet cake inside.

I loved making the fences, I wanted them to look realistic enough to pass as wood so I went so far as to make notches in the planks. 

These little guys were fun to make also, and were different enough from the little baby girl pops I made for another friend's shower. So simple, yet so visually effective.

The pitter patter....

 Finally, the mini cupcakes I made for the "Baby Sprinkle". Lemon cupcakes, topped with blue-tinted cream cheese icing and multi-coloured sprinkles.

(I've discovered that my fridge casts a a beautiful light....who'd a thunk?)

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