Sunday, 23 November 2014

Welcome Home Neil!

Over the Autumn, our Priest was on a sabbatical during which time we were lovingly looked after by our Curate, Alain. My Father used to take sabbaticals during his tenure at McGill University. During these years we would live in England and Dad would do research as well as act as Priest-in-Charge for the parish where we were living in Oxfordshire, also incidentally where we ended up moving after he retired from McGill many years later. These year-long stints were great opportunities for us to live somewhere different and experience new things, but it was always great coming home to see our friends and family and get back into our Canadian routines. I imagine the Neil felt much the same after a good bit of R&R and renewal, he was keen to get stuck back into St. George's life, and what better way to kick it all off then with cake!

 The inspiration behind this t-shirt design was an actual t-shirt that Neil has. Another lady in the parish baked the cake (so I cannot take credit for its yummy-ness), so when she said she was using a t-shirt pan I knew instantly what I was going to do.

This is a Canterbury Cross. One of the service books we use every Sunday is the BAS (Book of Alternative Services), and is dark green with a gold Canterbury Cross on the front... makes sense now. 

 This Photo c/o Richard Howarth

This Photo c/o Richard Howarth

Welcome Home Neil!!!
...and Thank you Alain for everything you did!

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