Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Dining on Diner-Themed Pops from Dinner

One of the best things about the sales that I go to, is meeting new people, and having people place orders with suggestions for themes I've never done before. I've been asked if I can do certain designs because they already have a theme in mind, or alternatively they see my pops and conclude that these are perfect for an event their hosting but they still needed something. This recently happened at the Thomas a Becket fair I was at on November 1st. There was a pair of ladies roaming the room, and when they came up to my table, the first thing I heard was "these would be perfect for our party!".

Their event was going to have a 1950's Diner theme, and the colours would be pink, blue, and black so I suggested a mix of pink and blue pops all with a black swirl for that diner-feel. Hopefully they were a sweet addition to this vintage party!

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