Saturday, 15 November 2014

The Craft Fair Schedule Carries On!

My most recent fair was at Edgewater school. This is where I started, and it is now my fourth year attending! I look back on my first year there with only four designs (Christmas trees, Santa bellies, Santa hats, and Reindeers), and on how clueless I was with what I was able to do with cake and chocolate, and I am so proud of myself for trying new designs all the time, testing  new flavours of cake and for pushing myself to work hard when it really matters. Because of this sale I have had several orders and repeat business that I'm so grateful for and which give inspiration to keep pushing myself.

This year's fair was particularly pleasing, not only did I almost sell out (!), but I had several people come up to me, greeting me with "Oh good, you're back again!" or "I had your pops last year, they were delicious". I also met my contact for the L. V. Lomas pop contract here at Edgewater a couple years ago, and I was happy to see her once again this year! Just goes to prove, you never know what will happen when you meet someone!

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