Thursday, 31 October 2013

Shave to Save

We all hear people say it on the TV, the radio, through "shares" on Facebook, and any other method that media is spread around socially: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Every year I hear all the amazing survival stories and the stories of people doing great things to help, and every year I miss my chance to do something to helpout... this year was different. No, I myself did not participate in the Shave to Save, but a good friend of mine did. She decided that she didn't want her Mum to go through this process alone, so she would show her support by doing this. Simply fantastic, I thought. I relate very closely to her, and could feel how she wanted to do what ever she could to help her Mum, short of actually curing her. I get that feeling with my Mum; Can't take her MS away, but I'll darn well do anything I can to help! Needless to say I wanted support my friend as a result, so naturally I donated to her worthy cause (which she exceeded her goal!!!) but also wanted to make her a special treat as well.

I know I've written a bit more than usual but I feel I had to, to try to do some justice for this amazing movement. At the very least it raises awareness which might reach someone who goes to get checked out and can get help before it's too late. Or it might give someone hope, who's almost out of hope, just to see that other people care about them. So whenever you get the chance to donate, do so. You never know when it will be you in need.

As best I know how, I made a couple appropriate cake pops for my friend. No wild colours, or characters, just true to form.

Chickie, I think that you are a rock and that you do rock!! You inspire me...

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