Monday, 14 October 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Apart from the mounds of baking of sweets that I seemed to be doing at this time of year, I also had the pleasure of baking lots of savouries for our "Deconstructed Turduckuailham"... it's the best name I could come up for our meal consisting of turkey, duck, quail, ham, and sausages, and on top of this we had about seven different kinds of veg. The best part of all this food was that we had a raclette, so I could actually sit down and enjoy it!

We couldn't have all of this savoury goodness without the dessert, naturally, so we had that covered with and apple pie from my Mum and a cheese cake from Patrick's Mum. And because I couldn't do without contributing something baked, so I make turkey place markers for everyone at the table.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

 Two little quails!
 All the meat roasted...
All ready for the table.
...and the table.
Happy little turkey.

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