Saturday, 19 October 2013

Seasonal and Not-so-Seasonal

My final commission for this week, was for a set of cupcakes for a young Birthday boy's party and a cake for the adults to enjoy at this party as well. For the adult cake, I was asked for it to be designed around "Oktoberfest" ( and as for the cupcakes, they just had to be in the genre of Minecraft (no game?). After a few exchanges with the Dad in charge of ordering the cakes, I narrowed the designs down to what I could conceivably turn into cake form. Once that detail was sorted out the rest fell into place.

I have it on good authority that the Birthday boy was quite thrilled with the cupcakes, and although the larger cake didn't have any marzipan (or any beer in it), the adults were also pleased with the Autumnal leafy cake. Certainly made me feel very Fall-like!

So for the adult cake...
Classic design, very seasonal. Loved working with these colours!

And for the Birthday Boy's cupcakes....
"Creepers", and "diamond pickaxes", and "diamond swords"... Oh my!

...and now for a break!!

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