Saturday, 5 October 2013

Gluten-Free Flora

Never have I ever been asked to, or have needed to make a gluten-free cake. Despite all the benefits people report after going gluten-free, and of course all the necessary aspects when one cannot process gluten, I have yet to take such drastic measures. I always tell people I would make a terrible vegetarian, and I think this goes for gluten-free too. Although interesting to learn about what has and doesn't have gluten in it, and the alternative flours people use to replace traditional wheat flour, I know that I am stuck in my comfortable rut, and it would take a lot of effort for me to convert fully... so if you've tried the non-gluten route, and have succeeded... props.

Saying that, my hand was metaphorically held by the lovely Anna Olson as I followed a gluten-free almond pound cake recipe from her book Bake to Baking. I also followed a recipe for gluten-free icing, also from the same book. From the little crumbs I tested (they fell off the cake naturally, I swear!!!) the cake had a lovely lemon flavour. The icing was different, to say the least. More a true butter-cream then a half-shortening-half-butter recipe that I'm used to. This one involved heating egg whites over simmering water, then beating again and adding in lots of butter. I'll say one thing for it, it sets up beautifully well, and is wonderful to cover a cake, and decorate with. The reason I was asked to make this cake, was to lighten the load of a friend of mine who is the maid of honour to a gluten-free Bride! I certainly felt less nervous making this cake for someone I've known for ever.

Hope they had a good shower, seemed like everything was perfectly laid out and ready for the madding crowd... gluten-free sandwiches and cupcakes, and all!

My friend just wanted, simple and white with flowers, with no fondant.

A thoughtful message...

Nummy flowers!

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