Friday, 25 October 2013

Sweet Spooks

On top of the gorgeous fall colours and the smell of leaves in the air, the approaching cooler weather always reminds me that Hallowe'en is drawing near. Memories of going trick-or-treating with my sister and Dad, carving pumpkins, and collecting sweeties from our neighbours. I've seen people use this "holiday" as inspiration for weddings and birthday parties alike, decorating their halls with purple and orange embellishments, placing cobwebs everywhere and lighting the room with gloomy looking candles. This time of year does lend itself quite well to a party, if done well that is. I tried to imagine one of those parties when I was coming up with the designs for these Hallowe'en Birthday pops. Intended for a 14-year-olds' Birthday party, I wanted them to be fun but also to be clearly Hallowe'en too. Hopefully I was also able to get in as much purple (birthday girl's favourite colour) along with the rest of the theme. I stuck with a classic, the ghosts, then added in some fun spiky monsters and topped everything off with some fun sprinkles. Something for everyone....

 Some of the ghosts looked forlorn.... while others looked a little crazed.

 All the lovely pops, bagged and tagged.

Muahahahahhahahahaha........ hopefully the party goers gobbled up these ghostly, ghoulish goodies.... that way they wont be around to haunt them the next day..........

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