Sunday, 17 March 2013

Teaching Me How to Teach

Gearing up for next week's class, I asked a few of  my friends to help me practice going through my class. I've done seminars at University, but never something practical like this so I wanted to get used to demonstrating and explaining the techniques used to make cake pops. Normally it's just me, in my own head, listening to music working on my pops. I don't talk much while I work, and don't pay attention to things going on around me. So for me to lift my head and actually describe what I'm doing then on top of that try to demonstrate what I'm doing, is not what I'm used to. Today was important, it gave me the chance to practice making cake pops and showing someone how to make one at the same time. In essence, bringing them into my head!

We had a so much fun! We went through all the designs that I'll be making with class next weekend at the official workshop and by the end, my friends were confident enough to not only rock at making the seasonal designs, but also to branch out and try something new with their new-found skills.

The "Tara Monster"


I really appreciated their feedback and suggestions as well as their enthusiasm. It's made me look forward to next weekend all the more!

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