Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Eats

I have lots of traditions that I love about Easter. Of course there are all the lovely church services and music, the roast lamb my family always had for dinner, we decorated our own eggs (both chocolate and chicken eggs), we even had our own egg hunt at home. It's a combination of all of these traditions that really makes it feel truly like Easter. Now I'm adding Easter pops to my mix!

Last year I only made these types of animal pops, but I wanted to add to the mix so I created free-hand Easter egg pops. Long title, great results. I tried two different styles; first the classic milk chocolate shell with colourful decorations, and second a pastel colour design. Those, mixed in with the animals, made a great Easter presentation.

I've already heard from some of the people who ordered pops this year and they've all said how great they look on their table. Hopefully after their meals, they'll taste good in their tummies too!

Happy Easter to everyone!!

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