Saturday, 30 March 2013

I'm Frolicking!!

I felt these definitely required their very own post! This idea came into my head the other day, and I hoped that I could turn that into reality. I'm hosting my Mother and her best friend on Easter Monday for a lamb dinner, and as I was setting my table I decided I wanted to make special place markers that could double as desserts. That's when these little beauties came to me...

As I was constructing all the layers of chocolate, I kept thinking of a quote from the moving "Milo and Otis". A feel good film with a talking cat and pug dog, who at one point are befriended by a foal. If I remember correctly Milo and Otis are with the foal and are being taught how to "play". The foal realised the cat and dog are being left behind, so to convince the foal they are in fact trying, they spring through the grass announcing "I'm frolicking, I'm frolicking!" This has clearly stuck in my head. I remember my Mum explaining to me that foals and sheep don't run through fields, they gambol.

I tried to get these mini-sheep to gambol around these pops... I have included a little film, hoping you can see them jump.

So proud of these!!

...a little out of focus, but I still wanted to show how they looked on my table.

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