Saturday, 23 February 2013

Easter Encroaches

    We've all felt it. That hope and glimmer of warmer weather after a cold hard winter. Flowers, leaves on trees, and grass! And with Spring, hand-in-hand, comes Easter. This pastel-coloured season is synonymous with new-born chicks, bunnies, eggs, hot crossed buns, and going to church. Not only do I enjoy celebrating Easter in my church singing Easter Anthems, I also enjoy the good eats that come with this time of year. The roast lamb, roast potatoes, mint sauce, and never forgetting the chocolate: Traditional egg hunts in gardens, gummy bunnies, chocolate eggs, and all other good things. On top of the traditional church services, and after the lamb dinner, I celebrate with sweet treats like little sheep, cute bunnies, adorable chicks, and sweetly edible eggs. Fortunately I have a Mother whom I have taken very strongly after and I make them all myself, just as she did.

   Understandably, there's a lot going on at Easter so we often find ourselves running out of time, or trying to scramble at the last minute. Let me help you with that. If you feel that your little bunnies would love to have one of my Easter-themed treats, let me know! Send me a note through my Facebook page by clicking HERE, and we can talk.

   The ground hogs predicted a long Spring... let hope they're right!

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