Thursday, 13 December 2012

Getting my Priorities Right!

I've been in my house two weeks now, and my kitchen looks like I've been in it two months at least. Not quite in keeping with the rest of the house (seeing as last night was the first time I actually SAT in the living room), but as the title suggests I had to get my priorities in line because I had orders coming up!! I'm noticing straight away that there is a benefit to having way more space to spread out in (sorry Patrick) and having all my supplies on shelves right next to my work area (sorry again Patrick) and that I'm happy to work for hours in my new workshop ( get the idea Patrick). Things aren't all bad for him, though... after all, who now gets first dibs on the duds?? This weekend's four commissions thoroughly broke in the kitchen. I'm pleased to say it works!


  1. And on top of it, you had to deliver a live performance to dozens of eyes staring at you… Congrats ;-)

  2. That's tougher than decorating any cakes!! It went well though :)