Saturday, 15 December 2012

Wonka Takes the Cake

Last year we had Cinderella's Cake Ball, this year's performance was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and it also needed to be honoured with chocolate and cake. No shortage of inspiration for sweet treats, flavours, and designs within the magical world of Willy Wonka! My main challenge would be to choose only a handful of designs to represent the wild world of the chocolate factory. The young lady who's Mum had ordered these cake pops was playing "Violet Bauregarde", the gum-chewing brat who turns purple and blows up like a balloon. No guess then that one of the pops would be "Violet". As for the other designs, I tried to think of the things that came to mind when I thought of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory... Umpa Lumpas of course, the Chocolate Room, psychedelic 1970's imagery and naturally the Golden Ticket. The fun was translating those images in my head into confection.

Behold the results!
The whole wacky group- a welcome change from all the Christmas designs!

All wrapped up and prettied.

Violet Bauregarde, which I was particularly pleased with her little hands and her collar being sucked into her ever expanding body!

The Umpa Lumpa. Less was more, I learned.

The Toad Stools. When everyone gets to the Chocolate Room, Mike Teavee's Mum greedily scoops down into one with her hand.

The "Psychedelic Gob Stoppers". I wanted to try this new technique where you swirl the chocolate before it sets on the cake. 

 And lastly, the golden ticket made to be just like a wrapped candy. I drew the Wonka "W" on the pop, then wrapped it in gold foil making sure the "W" became visible.  

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