Sunday, 16 December 2012

...and Tigger Too!!

Back in August, I made a grouping of Pooh bears for a little 2-year-old but for today's 2-year-old, Zach, I made a gathering of Tiggers! When Zach's Nana talked to me about ordering Tiggers for his birthday, I though "I've made Pooh Bear, why not Tigger??". Now of course my boyfriend wants me to make all the characters... However, after the first couple of steps I started to have my doubts. I felt they looked more like oddly coloured Yodas with orange ears and pink noses. Feeling rather discouraged, I ignored them for a while. Eventually, I figured I should at least finish one to see if I could coax Tigger out of the cake. When Patrick came home from work, I waited for his reaction to seeing the complete cake pop. To my relief he gasped, and exclaimed "Tigger!!". Thank goodness, he didn't look like Yoda!! I guess I learned that although they may not start looking like the characters straight away and instead of panicking and trying to figure how to eat all the evidence of the failed attempt, I need to just find out the characteristics that make them unique and go for that.
Once they were all done, smiling at me from their stand (yes, I know, Tigger is not leopard print but what can I do when they don't have tiger print felt??) I felt so proud of myself and I couldn't wait for Zach's Nana to see them. I hope the little Birthday boy loved them too!!

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