Saturday, 15 December 2012

Little Lexie is One!

Lexie's Mum, an old colleague of mine, came up to me last month and said she was thinking of making a cake for her daughter's first birthday, but wasn't sure how. That's where I would come in. Nathalie came up with some great ideas, and I translated those into sugar. I had never done this cake-making workshop type of deal before but it was a lot of fun! We spent a fabulous evening watching a beautiful Minnie Mouse inspired cake emerge from layers of cake, butter cream and fondant all the while of course testing all the products to assure their highest quality. Now Nathalie can be proud when she shows off her cake to her family, earning a million Mum-Points when she says "no, I didn't order it, I made it!!". (Although, I have a feeling it's the last time she ever makes black fondant...)

Let the dirty icing begin!! Remember, "icing is our friend!"

Tara keeping a watchful eye on the progress.

"Tada!!" Now, it goes into the fridge.

Onto Minnie's head. Make sure her lines are straight, Tara!

Minnie head gets a dirty ice.

Loving the Lazy Susan.

That's fondant, NOT cheese!!!!

Everything going okay so far, Tara?

Nat got her work-out kneeding fondant.... who let me into my own blog??
Rolling out the fondant for the base.

Fondant on the first layer.

Now for the black fondant.

Finishing touches- fondant flowers and piped butter cream stars.

Good to have a steady hand!

 Yay Nat!!!! The little Minnie head off the side was Nat's idea! This is Lexie's very own piece of cake to play with and enjoy.

So fantastic! I was incredibly proud of Nat. She picked up everything really quickly and got stuck in to the work (quite literally in some cases). The outcome was perfect! Lexie is a lucky girl.


  1. Thank you Sarah!!! Everyone loved it including Lexie!!! I had a blast decorating the cake and next time we can buy the black fondant! Lol!

    1. I'm so pleased!! Can't wait to see the photos.