Sunday, 16 December 2012

Crèche Family Reunion

 Last year my first really big order was for the Church's Sunday school. To celebrate their pageant I made Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, a donkey, and a camel (although the camel could also be a cow, a moose, a beige hippo, or from some angles a giant hamster!!). This year, I was asked for an encore. It was nice coming back to a familiar design and seeing how my techniques have changed over the past year; Certain things were easier, some things were the same, and some things I tried to do a little differently. One new thing was my new big board for drying so making all 70 of these happy characters was so much easier to do!! As always, however, when the children at church see them at the table, rush over, choose one and eat it, my favourite part is their smile!

Happy holidays to everyone, be safe in the snow, and remember to take a little time just to sit and enjoy some silence, reflecting on the depth of this holiday.



Happy Baby Jesus

The Donkey

and the choose-an-animal. Meant to be a camel, but cow works too...

Toute la Gang

2012 Family Photo!


  1. Thanks so much for making these, Sarah! They were such a huge hit - maybe they will become a St George's tradition!?!

    1. Hmm, perhaps! Maybe I'll get the camel to actually look like a camel!! This could be the start of something good...