Sunday, 8 May 2016

Little Miss Minecraft

I never stop learning through cake making, and I'm not just referring to techniques. I learn all sorts about what's trending with people, especially children. I have experienced Minecraft before, but last time I made cupcakes of a Minecraft inspiration they were for the brother of this birthday girl who was receiving this cake. How things have changed because last time I made this little Chickie a birthday treat it was Frozen themed. Her Mother informed me that she was done with Princesses and was well into Minecraft, so let's try something new!

The birthday girl's request for the cake was "square" (check), "with lots of Minecraft characters on it"(check), and finally "Happy Birthday Tashi (of course)"(check). I hope I fulfilled all the requirements, and that the party was a success!

A combination of vanilla cake with green buttercream to stick it all together, and square gummies and cubed coconut for edible tiles made the decorations possible.

This is a pig....                                                                This is TNT (clearly)...

This is a Villager...                                                          And this is a chicken.

The requisite "Happy Birthday Tashi"


It squared off the be a really neat cake (:P)


Feedback from the Birthday Girl's Mum:

"14 very happy customers fell on this Minecraft cake like a pack of wild animals before I could take a photo! Success."

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