Saturday, 24 May 2014

Poptails For Two...

Every now and again I am asked to donate some pops for a special event, which in this case was a fundraiser for Yaldei, a centre here in Montreal that offers specialised therapies for children with developmental needs. My pops were to be a small part of a huge evening planned to raise funds to support this organisation, and would be among other generous donations such as savoury hors d'oeuvres on sticks, donated bottles of wine, musical entertainment from Sam Roberts, just to name a few of the contributions.

Originally I had thought of making pops fashioned to look like ice-creams. I was thinking of the kids, and I felt that this would represent them at this event designed for adults. Then my mind started dreaming up pops that were inspired by cocktails, as I was thinking of all the people who were going to attend the event as they ate yummy food and no-doubt drank a cocktail or two. The ice-creams would just have to wait for another day, because I had come up with three different designs and aptly called them poptails (chuckle).

The design process was very different from when I am given specific guide lines as per what my client would like. Obviously I am always there to guide them towards what would match their vision the closest based on what I know is possible, but flavours, colours, etc., I leave up to them. In this instance I was essentially given carte blanche when it came to flavours and concepts... the result was a fun though still adult range of pops; A de-constructed version of classic drinks, which were translated into sugary, cake-filled, confectionery delights.

All the pops were displayed with a description of what the flavours were and a bit of the history of the drink itself. (I've included the description written in these frames below all of the photos of the pops.)

Just for the occasion I ordered a banner and new posters. After all they had to advertise for me on my behalf!

  Irish Car Bomb Pops

"An unnatural combination, the virtue of this drink is the blending of the metallic bitterness of Guinness and the sweet creaminess of Irish Cream. 
The pop is made up of a chocolate-Guinness cake, mixed with butter cream and Baily's, then enrobed in black chocolate and topped with butterscotch coating and sprinkled with whiskey fudge.
This pop is a wonderfully dark, smooth variation of its liquid cousin, with no risk of curdling!"

My Fair Lady Pops

"The Savoy's head bartender, Joe Gilmore created this citrusy drink to honour Julie Andrews's first appearance in the Broadway performance of My Fair Lady in 1956.
 The pop consists of lemon cake mixed with butter cream and gin which has then been dipped in orange-flavoured chocolate and topped with a dried strawberry.
A refreshing and slightly tart drink to start with, this equally fresh pop is a lovely bite-sized morsel."

Pina Colada Pops

"A pop inspired by the Puerto Rican drink, the pina colada; a cool, creamy, fruity drink to refresh anyone.
The pop is made up of pineapple cake mixed with butter cream and rum which is then dipped in coconut-flavoured chocolate, covered in coconut shavings and topped with a glacé cherry.
These elements together will bring you to a warm sandy beach, basking in the sun, with only a single bite."

I heard back some wonderfully positive feedback from both the event organiser and my contact; Always a treat!:

"Thank you for your generous contribution to our dessert, everyone was RAVING about your cake pops! They were amazing! I hope to work with you again in the future." -Olivia

"Your cake pops were a hit! they all disappeared within 20 minutes!(...) I think Sam Roberts may have sneaked one too" -Michelle

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