Saturday, 10 May 2014

I Think I'm Turning Japanese

These pops were just an experiment and a gift for a couple friends. I was mad keen to try making a pop using the green tea cake I had baked this past week. I already had an idea for the Earl Grey cake, but I hadn't really come up with a plan to use the green tea cake until this design came to me.

I knew these friends were the perfect recipients because one of them is super into working out and eating healthily, and the other loves my cake pops (instant winner). So I thought as these pops had green tea in them, they had to be healthy....right? (That's what I'll tell myself). In order to intensify the green tea flavour (and thus its healthy factor??) I even added the matcha powder to the icing, giving me a wonderfully green icing and cake dough mix, so different from the usual chocolate and vanilla.

Mixing green tea cake with green tea icing, while drinking green tea!!!

Staying very Japanese I decorated the pops with cherry blossom trees and bamboo stalks.


 All wrapped and ready.

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