Sunday, 1 June 2014

Frozen Pops and Cupcakes... in June!

Despite what the title implies these cup cakes and pops are not literally frozen, instead they have been designed with Disney's Frozen in mind. Last time I got to make cupcakes for a Frozen birthday, I said I had wanted to make some of them to look like Sven the reindeer. My wish came true!!!

Along with the Olaf cupcakes that I had made for the last order, I made a herd of Svens to go with them. These two characters were adorning the tops of mini red-velvet cupcakes and they looked fabulous! To accompany them I made cake pops, again with a Frozen look. They all had snowflake sprinkles and coloured sugar to get the look right.

Hopefully the three-year-old had a great birthday party, and will be the first of many great parties she has.

 Chilly looking pops perfect for the Frozen sweet table.

 Those antlers are made of butterscotch chocolate....yup.

 All these guys are on mini cupcakes, and all the main decorations are all in butter cream...

Happy looking snowmen.

Again, all of these are mini cupcakes, and the he's made out of butter cream! 

Group shot!

We are ready for a party!!
More great post-party reviews from the birthday girl's Mum:
"Just wanted to say a big thank you for the amazing cake pops and cupcakes. People were raving about them. I will def be using your services again (...) You are so talented!"

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