Monday, 19 May 2014

Happy Birthday Sistor!

Yes, I understand I have misspelled one of the words in the title. This is intentional and meant to be. One of the terms of endearment I have for my two sisters is "Sistor" (there's an accent that goes with it too, but that one's harder to explain in a written blog...).

This post is about a special cake that was a joint effort between my other Sister Catherine and me. Although Allie (our oldest sister) had already had her birthday in April, we had a belated-birthday cake when we all got together at Catherine's place in May. Catherine made a yummy gluten-free chocolate cake and I just added the colourful icing, based on Allie's specifications. I checked with Allie for her favourite colour, and asked her a few more things that she wanted to see on the cake. She requested a Unicorn, but I had to subtly suggest something else... hopefully this did the trick instead.

 The inscription on the cake reads: "Happy "May-Family-BBQ-Long-Week-End" (which Allie requested.... and "and Happy 40th Birthday Allison!" (which I snuck in there. All power to the one with the piping bag!)

 Peach and pink roses made of butter cream. They remind me of roses my Mother had in England that had this same colouring, they were called Princess Marguerita

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