Saturday, 10 May 2014

"60 is the New 50"

This fabulous cake was inspired by Martinis, the NYC lifestyle, Sex and the City, and above all, leopard print. When one tries to personify a person with cake, I don't think any cake could suit someone better than this cake does! When the Birthday Girl's daughter and I were organising everything I suggested doing a solid colour for the fondant covering. The response I got was... smile-inducing. She said that everything looked great for the overall design of the cake, except could we make the fondant leopard print? Naturally having never done anything like that before, my brain automatically thought "sure, why not?" and I then proceeded to Google.

This was the result. A hand-painted leopard print cake (no animals were harmed in the making of this cake), with a silhouette fence of Martinis, margaritas, and the NYC skyline, with a little extra bling for good measure. I can only imagine the birthday party!

This was a little extra add-on. I guess there was a birthday boy there too, so not to leave him out he got his very own cupcake!

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