Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Edgewater Teacher Appreciation Day 2013!!

You become aware of a whole year passing when, for example, you make a cake for someone and add a year to the number on top. You also notice when the seasons start coming around again or in this case annual events. Last year, I was pleased to be able to help the teachers and staff of Edgewater school in Pincourt feel appreciated for their "Teacher Appreciation Day" last February, making them star-shaped pops. I have one of my Christmas sales at this school each year so I was happy to help, and very happy when they asked me to contribute something again this year. Every year they follow a theme for the day which luckily for me was "You are Kind and Sweet", very handy when I will be making sweet treats for them; I'm already half way to finding a design. My first thoughts was of course those sweetheart candies with sayings on them. In my day they said things like "Call Me" and "U R Great", which now have been modernised from "Fax Me" to "Text Me" or "FB Me"... I can't keep up! For my pops however, I stuck with the traditional wording which worked within the theme for the school also, and they all read "U R Sweet". I loved all the colours together and the hearts were a really pretty shape. Hopefully they brought some smiles to some special teachers and staff members!  


  1. They turned out so nicely, and were much appreciated. Dominic's teacher commented, "I'm sweet? Well, I'll be even sweeter when I've finished this!"
    Thanks for making them again! :)

    1. It was fun making them! I hope Dominic knew who made them :)