Sunday, 3 February 2013

A New Adventure

Some of your may remember my post about the Montreal Baking Show this past Fall. In it I discussed meeting the owner of a local bake shop, Hilary, and asking for advice about my cake pops. I knew I liked her when I told her that I had with me my album of cake pop photos to show people there (feeling a bit like a cake geek), to which she replied "a good baker always does." Our conversation continued and I had felt I'd formed a good contact that day.

Recently I have been reaching out to many people as I was on the hunt for jobs. Hilary was among those people I reached out to and her response really surprised me. Hilary had been reminded of our conversation at the Baking Show when she was thinking about planning a cake pop making work shop. Luckily, my good impression remained with her and she thought I'd be good to teach it!! Now I just have to dig deep into my genes and channel both my parent's abilities to teach, and pass on what knowledge I've pulled together on making cake pops.

It really is very exciting, and I'm truly looking forward to teaching people how to create these tasty treats.  So if you are free on Saturday March 23rd (and live in Montreal...sorry to all my British friends who read my blog) at 9:30am, then come and learn how to channel Spring Time into cake pops!

Contact Hilary at Délices Delary Delights by clicking HERE, for more information on how to get in touch with her.

You could learn how to make and take these little guys home!

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