Saturday, 3 March 2012

One Good Turn...Around the Party

My latest order stemmed from my delivery I made to the Girl Guides for their Thinking Day (you never know where the next one will come from!). However, these are something completely different and a design I've never done for an order before. I love the concept and I love the cuteness and personality each little cake pop had. When I received the order I had simple instructions: to make cake pops for her Mother's anniversary party coming up this weekend. Originally there wasn't any fuss to be made for this party so hopefully these were a pleasant surprise!

I decided to go with a "wedding theme" but not an actual wedding party. I couldn't follow the thread of one of the mile-stone anniversaries but I do know it was between the 50 and 60th anniversary so from there my mind instantly thought of all the glamourous dresses and designs from the 1950's. I asked were there any colours from the wedding they wanted me to include, but instead we went with the Special Lady's favourite colours: pale pink and pale blue. So after a little image Googling I came up with this sweet design of "Ladies and Gentlemen" at a party.

These were the nonpareils I used the give the dresses a "lace" look. I couldn't find any just white, so that's right, I bought a mixed bag and separated out the white ones... I don't recommend this as a steady past time. And I learned yesterday that in fact you can get bottles of all-white nonpareils....who'd a thunk?

An example of the "couples" for the evening. My Mother helped me with the flowers for the gentlemen's boutonnieres. I used Royal icing flowers we use for the Easter eggs and added green fondant leaves. Perfect effect!

All packaged up and ready to go to the party!

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