Monday, 19 March 2012

Paddy Cake Pops

I can't help but be excited by a holiday where everyone wears green (as it is my favourite colour) so how best can I pay homage to this day? The answer becomes clear when I spot my green food colour paste beaming at me from my Wilton caddy. I had wanted to do a nice Celtic design on these truffle cakes, but alas I found myself rather restricted by time. Perhaps some other day... Instead I joined in with the masses and dug out the green chocolates from my stash and together with my green food colour paste depicted St. Patrick's Day in cake pop form. 

I made two particular designs: the first was just vanilla cake with a healthy dose of green food colouring paste, in a single dip of medium tone green and adorned with a shamrock (of course). Second I made a plain chocolate cake and dipped it in my mint chocolate then made a lattice of different shades of green on top. The mint really doesn't have anything to do with St. Patrick's Day but as these truffle cakes were destined for my boyfriend's house, and the mint chocolate ones are some of his favourites I always try to make them for him. My head tells me I should have used a flavoured oil like "Irish coffee", "Whiskey", or "Bailey's" to flavour the chocolate to really make it authentic but seeing as I don't have any of those flavours at the moment, I'll try those another day. 

 Far left are the mint chocolate with their chocolate lattice work. In the middle are the totally green vanilla truffles, and just to show you the green-ness on the inside I cut one in half which you can see on the far right.
 Showcasing the very obviously St. Patrick's Day themed truffles. 

I love how the centres of these turned out! It definitely opens up a whole new world of possibility in terms of customizing your cake pops (providing they're not chocolate flavoured...)

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