Friday, 16 March 2012

Spring Has Sprung!

Although today you wouldn't feel so spring-like because of the grey sky and the puddles and the rain and the brown, semi-melted snow everywhere, but Spring is apparently just around the corner. The temperatures are beginning to creep up the thermostat, soon we can park back out on the streets overnight, and best of all... the Dairy Queen down the street is open again! Along with the start of Spring, at this time of year people suddenly feel the need to start something new or begin something new and exciting. These cake pops are one of my representations of this feeling.

Earlier in the week, Mum asked me to make these for her Bible study to be for the start of Spring and to celebrate one of the members, Lori "turning over a new leaf" and starting her new job. I wanted to do pretty flowers because I felt that they would look much better on a cake pop than trying to replicate that certain shade of brown the snow turns at this time of year...

Mum suggested I make them covered in triffids... but let's see how many flowers you can identify. (I'll give you a little help however, the pink flowers were red on the original design but when I asked my Mum to name me a red flower her reply was very informative: "there aren't any red flowers in the Spring-time, really. It should be dark pink... just make one up!" So I did. But other than that one I tried to base them all on flowers I actually knew, and these one probably will taste much better!

I wanted to make a video to show you all the different sides of the cake pop. Unlike some of my other designs that have a face or a main side, these were equally decorated on all sides. (Sorry I can't make it any bigger...)

Highlighting some of the flowers that were on all the pops.
The flowers even "grew" up on top of the pop, so I needed a top-shot to show that.
More of a close-up of the flowers and leaves.
My little bouquets of flowers, wrapped up and set up as little bouquets of flowers!

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